Quality assurance, environmental management system and occupational health and safety policy

DEKONTA, a.s. places a great emphasis on quality assurance of provided services and products, minimisation of negative impacts of its activities on the environment, and occupational health and safety. For that reason the Quality Assurance Management System in accordance with requirements of the EN ISO 9001:2000, the Environmental Management System according to the EN ISO 14001:1997 and the Health and Safety management system in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 have been implemented.
The main approaches to the quality assurance, environmental management and occupational health and safety issues have been stated in the Quality Assurance, Environmental and OHS Policy and further specified in the following internal documentation:

  • Quality, Environmental Management and OHS Handbook, which generally describes the system.
  • Guidelines defining methodology of internal administration including planning and audit, communication with customers, development, employees training, subcontracting etc.
  • Procedural manuals describing how to implement various specialist activities in the company and the requirements for the management, control and documentation activities when the following processes are concerned:
    • Hazardous waste and its disposal
    • Remediation, biofilters – designs
    • Environmental emergency response service
    • Survey and sampling
    • Measurement of emission and air quality
    • Hydrogeological survey
    • Consultancy services (risk analysis, noise survey, supervision, environmental harm and risk assessment)
    • Laboratory services


Independent verification of the implemented systems was carried out by CERT-ACO, which has also issued the relevant certificates.